Sophomore release from Chris Bullock, ‘Radio Child’ drops on October 13th. Pre-save here.

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On October 13th, Chris Bullock will release his second solo album on the record label, GroundUp Music. The title of the album is Radio Child.

‘Radio Child’ is the next step in the creative journey of Chris Bullock. This album celebrates the discoveries he made early in his life while exploring the radio airwaves and the music it provided. The variety of sounds and music from around the world led him to disregard genre lines and seek out the good music that truly spoke to his ears and personal tastes.

These seven songs are a collection of creative truths, choosing to be present in the now, trusting the process, and doubling down. The unconventional nature of combining certain instruments and production choices leads to some new musical possibilities heard throughout the album. These were created using a lot of keyboards and synthesizers, drum machines, woodwinds, the human voice, percussion, and the drum set. I genuinely hope this music will speak to you and bring whatever it may to your life and listening pleasures.